I'm an award winning blogger, digital marketing specialist and associate lecturer at Worcester University.

Clear the smoke of mirrors of marketing and grow.

My Background

James Vincent made his debut in his hometown Worcester, launching the idea of a new menswear,lifestyle and business blog a straight-forward yet progressive platform to support brand and businesses around the world. After launching his blog he saw a whirlwind of opportunities and collaborations, from Suzuki, Peugeot, Debenhams and so many more. By testing his own methods and techniques he was able to create content which exceeded expectations. As time went on he got signed to a London modelling agency and developed skills like public speaking, SEO and more.

My Future

After pursuing his interests in the blogging industry, James Vincent chose a path of digital marketing with the aspirations of supporting businesses. However after finishing his first job in the advertising world in an agency in Worcestershire; he set out to first put in time in creating his own digital marketing agency Hot Source creative and a online magazine covering a range of topics from business to lifestyle. As time went on James Vincent skills and expertise landed him opportunities with political parties, airlines, big fashion brands and more.

Recent News Features

James Vincent Social Media Expert Supporting the JQ Bid in Social media and communications

We all have the ability to grow a business, launch a start up and create something amazing, sometimes it can be hard though to take the first step, so I'm here to guide you.

As an integrated marketing specialist in Worcester, my goal is to provide a unified service that is always growing, exploring, achieving and innovating. Using my tried and tested methods I have helped companies all around the world grow.