Anxiety at night and how to manage it

Something I’ve noticed that have started to develop more is anxiety. But in particular. Anxiety at night. As my company has grown and the blog has taken front facing time. I’m busy. I’m busy quite a lot. From the minute I wake up to usually the minute I go to sleep. I don’t stop. I’m working on amazing campaigns with fantastic clients. I’m teaming up with brands I’m coming up with ideas and I’m doing amazing things. The problem is the moment this is usually the moment where the day has started to end. I’m showered clean, and I’m in  bed and the TV may go on. Or I decide to pick up my phone and look at the world around me.

So where did my anxiety really start and what’s the process I go through?

It’s quiet. In some way to quiet. The problem is at this point. I start to think. I start to think so much about the littlest of things and then I start to worry. When I mean the littlest of things. I can mean something so small, something so insignificant in my life. But it festers and grows and before you know it. It’s 1am or 2am. I haven’t slept a lot. The thought that started out as a single domino has now knocked over enough to keep me awake. I noticed that this started to develop more when lockdown hit, like anybody. The more time you spent inside on your own or working. These things can fester, and they can become worse.

Now of course, I’ve got fantastic people around me, where I can talk about this and say to them, I didn’t sleep well last night. This is what’s on my mind and having a sense of somebody there to support you, makes all the difference because it allows you to get it off your chest. I think one of the worst things that people do sometimes is bottle it. I’ve done it. And I’ve done it time and time again without ever thinking about it. Something that’s bothering bothering me. Instead of saying something. I bottle it.

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Now someone very close to me, said one of the best things to do when you’re feeling anxious or feeling frustrated, something’s keeping you up or something that’s on your mind that you just can’t get rid of the best thing to do is write it down. Which is exactly what I’m doing. But in the form of a blog post. Now, not everybody is the same, and different things affect different people. While we’re all human, our emotions are different and processes and exercises will affect us differently. But what I’m here to do today is share with you some exercises that I have done that helped me, manage, and take control of this.

Now, these are my exercises. They may not work for you. But the first step to tackling what’s on your mind. The first step to taking control of that festering thought is to try.

So here are my tips. Let’s try them out together…

Number one, write it down.

Yes, I know I’ve mentioned this already, but it’s so important to write down. What’s actually on your mind and try to get to the root cause of why it’s worrying you. I think if you can do that, it makes such a difference, because it’s like having a load of string, all jumbled together. And then just laying it out flat. Once you’ve gotten to the root cause of what’s worrying you. I feel it’s easier to control. And I feel it’s easier to understand why that is worrying you.

anxiety sleep exercises

Number two. Turn to the people around you.

I think one of the most important things to do is to talk about it. Now I’m not meaning just yourself. But the people around you. I know that sometimes this can be a really hard step to do and in some ways, it seems so easy, but so hard at the same time. But talking to someone makes all that difference, because it gets it off your chest. Now, I understand that sometimes going to family, or even very close friends can make it hard, because you may feel that they may judge you for what’s worrying you or you may feel stupid or that you’re acting silly, but you’re not what’s worrying you is worrying you for a reason and I think it’s important to tell someone.

So, I’m hopefully going to help you here. If you feel that you’re worried about something. If you feel that something is on your mind that you don’t want to talk to maybe those people that are close to you. Talk to me, my social media is always open. And I’m happy to have a chat.

Now I’m not going to make a promise that I can help you or your anxiety at night. But it’s that first step to talking to somebody and that can make all the difference.

Number three. turn off your phone.

Yes, I know. We’re all as bad as each other and to be honest, I’m incredibly bad for this. There’s been more than one occasion that I’ve woken up with my phone in my hand and that’s because I’ve gone to sleep with it. Staring at that rectangle screen all day, every day, takes its toll. The world around us that we live in, can make it even worse. So I ask you to turn off your phone. Now I’m not meaning actually turn it off. It’s important sometimes to have it around for safety reasons or if someone urgently needs to call or text you. But what I am meaning is get off social media.

You know, just take a break. I think it’s important. On the evening to take a break. Because I think when we look at social media when we look at our phones, all day, and especially a night, we become so absorbed by it. It can consume us. So just turn it off. Even just for a little bit. Set a reminder to make sure that you actually limit yourself to understand how much time you can actually spend on your phone without realising it every now and again, check your screen activity and you can see for yourself, where you really spend your time.

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Number four. Breathe.

Yeah. We all breathe every day, every second. But when I mean breathe. I mean, control your breathing actually stop for a second and taking a deep breath and exhale and do this for five minutes. At least, really control that breathing and understand what’s worrying you and let it just super way. I think this is something that I need to do more and I can be honest with that. I think because of the world we live in. We are constantly moving in sixth gear. We’re constantly moving in this fast paced direction, there’s sometimes it’s important to stop and breathe. I think this can make all the difference. Sometimes towards actually worrying us.

Number five. Exercise

I think one of the things that I like to do is exercise. Now, I understand that. At 11 o’clock at night when these thoughts start to fester your mind. Exercise isn’t the last thing you probably want to be doing and I’m not actually advising you to do exercise at this time. But for me, I like to work out on the evening. This is for two fold reasons. Firstly, I just don’t have the time throughout the day. Secondly, I feel that by working out on the evening. I read my body of any excess energy that I don’t need. It helps me get into bed. Tired. It helps me get into bed. Knowing that I’ve ended the day. I’ve got rid of that last little bit of energy that I had and I just relax. Now everybody else is different. Some things work, and some things don’t. But it’s about trying and trying again.

We all have different ways of overcoming anxiety and it affects us differently. We are all on our own separate journey and things that can worry one person may not worry another. But I think it’s important to take that first step into trying to overcome it and trying to manage it. For me, anxiety, at night. can be a problem and this can be because I’m overthinking or stressed. It can be because of what’s happened throughout the day, or the fact that I’m already thinking about tomorrow. But I think it’s important to try and manage those thoughts. And to test different things to manage it yourself.

So, there were five tips to controlling anxiety at night that I’ve tried And I’m not saying that they’ll work for you. But it’s worth a shot, and is definitely a good direction to take. But if you have any tips that you feel work well for anxiety.

Or if you feel that there any tips to make you sleep better at night or how to control anxiety at night. Let me know. Either, reach out to me via social media, where you can reach out to me directly by email. I’m always happy to have a chat. And I always love hearing from new people.

And I look forward to hearing from you.