Bello Boxes Review | The Perfect Gift You Need

I’m excited to announce a new collaboration. Now you know me. I love working with local businesses. I love working with people in Worcestershire. So, of course, I jumped when a company reached out to me on Instagram, called Bello Boxes. Today we will be discussing their little care package they sent to me and my official Bello Boxes Review!

This company said to me, “We had just started out James, and we want YOU to check out our gift packages”. Now of course, at that point, I’m going to put in the extra effort, I love hearing about local start ups. So, with a little bit of back and forth on Instagram. We had a good chat, and before you know it. My Bello Box is on its way to me in a swift two day delivery from having a conversation with them, It was at my front door.

Now, you may be asking what actually is a Bello Box. Well, its a gift box, but its slightly different… These are hand made custom gift boxes. These are gift boxes on another level. The idea to be deliver, great tasting gifts to your front door.



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So I’m now looking at my box. and I’m in love, firstly because they’ve included some Hop House Lager beers. But secondly because they’ve got snacks at the ready. From fantastic popcorn to scrumptious shortbread to  fresh nuts to maltesers. This tightly packed goodie box is just what you need to start your weekend the right way.

Thank you for such an amazing gift straight to my front door, definitely recommending to people!

This is definitely a great gift for someone who needs something a little extra, maybe they need a boost with being in lockdown everyday, well Bello Boxes can do just that!  Now, I thought to myself. When would somebody need a Bello Box and what are the real benefits? Well, there’s actually more than one occasion. Let’s think about it… How many times have you had it, where your loved one, a friend, a family member. They’ve got a special occasion right around the corner, a birthday  and you guessed it you’re busy. It happens, I get that. You’re living your daily lives… This is where they come in! They do all the hard work for you!

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Sometimes we even forget. We’re human. I can’t blame you. But with Bello Boxes, they do all the work for you. They create this amazing gift delivered right to your front door, which saves time, which saves effort and keeps that other person, your other half your friend, your family member, very happy.

This is a brilliant gift. This is the type of gift, anybody would want to receive. So with that in mind, I urge you to request a Bello Boxes to support a local business and to help them today.

If you’d like to know more about them head over to their Instagram and If you’d like to know more about my Bello Box review then head over to my Instagram and check out my latest reel where you can see me unboxing it!