Exclusive Mind Cafe Magazine Interview

Mind Cafe Magazine is a multi-faceted media organization with one central aim: to teach people worldwide how to live happier lives in as simple a way as possible. At present, we have several mediums to channel this mission, including our print magazine, online publication on Medium, and our brand new community program, ‘After Hours’, set to launch on March 1st.

How did you start your business?

Mind Cafe was sort of an accident, really. It was never meant to be a business. I’ve always been a writer and freelancing was my main line of work immediately after finishing school. Over the years, that evolved into projects focused more on mental health and wellbeing, one of which was Mind Cafe. I established it in the midst of the worst few years of my life, slowly losing my fiancé to brain cancer. Learning lots about mental health and self-improvement in an effort to cope, I decided to collate the information I was absorbing into an online space to help others. That space, I called Mind Cafe. 

Within our first six months, Mind Cafe launched from 50K readers a month to over 2.5M. At that point, I figured it was time to take this a little more seriously. Now, we have a team of seven incredibly talented employees, thousands of writers, and millions of readers from every corner of the world. It’s been a crazy ride.

What do you enjoy most about being in your business?

People. It’s always people. The many hundreds of people supporting our mission, singing our praises, and utilizing Mind Cafe magazine to better themselves – it’s these people that get me out of bed every single morning and motivate me to push forward. It’s so rewarding and fulfilling to know that this little thing I established in my bedroom is transforming lives worldwide. That’s what I enjoy the most about my business.



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What top 3 words/phrases describe you best?

As an individual, I’d say ambitious, often overly ambitious, and unrealistic, but I don’t mind that. It drives me. As well as that, I’d say humble. I suppose it’s a little contradicting to refer to yourself as humble, since it’s a positive character trait and therefore sounds egotistical. But humble – and again, often to my detriment. Sometimes I fail to recognize my skills out of modesty and need other people to remind me, but I’d prefer that to being one of those maniacal ego-driven CEOs that thinks he’s the best at everything. That’s a surefire way to fail. Lastly, I’d say empathic. I make an effort to really try to understand people – what they want, need, and how I can help them. My family members are all great listeners and strong judges of character, so perhaps that’s where it comes from. I’d like to think so, anyway.



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What is the best USP about your current business?

There are a lot of self-improvement businesses out there. Two things make Mind Cafe stand out. The first is our brand. We represent everything that a cafe does – the relaxing, calming, and friendly atmosphere, accompanied with strong coffee and soft chatter. Mind Cafe is the digital representation of that feeling – honest, relaxing essays about happiness, readable in the same time that it takes you to finish a cup of coffee. The second is our attention to detail and emphasis on quality. Our submission guidelines are incredibly stringent. Only the best, most engaging, and accurate pieces make it to our publication. We endeavour to maintain our promise of providing readers with reliable information that serves to improve their lives. That’s what makes us different. Honesty, quality, and our branding.

What is your favourite local restaurant and shop?

I’m a big fan of No.3a, an independent coffee shop in Bromsgrove, my home town. I’m friendly with all of the owners and staff, and they’ve always been incredibly supportive of my efforts. I worked from my laptop in No.3a every day when starting Mind Cafe magazine, which was, back then, a tiny blog with nothing really going for it. No.3a was just starting out at that point, too. Now, they stock our magazines in their expanded cafe, which is doing incredibly well.  It’s a sentimental thing for me, but it feels like I’ve gone full-circle a bit. I’ve grown alongside them, and we’ve helped eachotherI love that.

What exciting things are happening in your business?

It’d be quicker to talk about the exciting things that aren’t happening in our business, to be honest. But I’ll stick to the question. Our print magazine is attracting some of the music industry’s biggest names, such as Mahalia, Arlo Parks, and even Avril Lavigne. More, 3,500 copies of edition three are due to be stocked by Barnes & Noble, Wholefoods, WH Smith, and hundreds more retailers in the summer. We’re also launching our members-only community, ‘After Hours’, comprised of exclusive articles, talks, and community discussions. As well as that, I recently launched my writing mentorship program. Within 24 hours of launching, I became fully-booked for three months in advance, which is insane. There’s a lot happening. It’s a huge year.

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What motivates you?

There are a few things, really. One of them is being able to give back financially to the people that have supported me. The idea of buying a house for my mum and younger brother pushes me to achieve bigger and better things, but it’s not just about the money. It’s about helping people to reach their full potential. That’s what motivates me. I love being a mentor and providing people a ladder on which to climb. Supporting others has always been at the forefront of everything I do. That will never change.


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What demotivates you?

The legal side of the business. I hate dealing with accounts, taxes, and everything in that domain. I like to create and build, not analyze. I’m not a logical thinker, at all. I’m an innovator. For that reason, numbers stress me out. Sifting through a thousand receipts and navigating Quickbooks for three hours is my idea of hell. I leave that to my accountant.

What would you say would be your biggest achievement to date?

I’d say the deal we have with our distributors is pretty huge. That, and being able to bring some of my favorite artists and writers on board with the mag. Honestly, my biggest achievement changes by the month, since new doors keep opening and they’re always bigger and better than the last. It’s incredibly exciting.

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