Five tips for starting your day motivated!

Being a University student, especially in the current climate, can place a lot of strain on self-motivation. Working from home, studying online and the lack of social escape definitely drains your energy.

I am going to share with you some of my top tips for starting the morning motivated and on the right track. Hopefully they’ll help you show up every day, putting your best foot forward in whatever it holds!

Tip 1 – Routine!

Now I am sure you’ve heard this one before but normally people focus on a night-time routine. I am here to tell you why making a morning routine is just as vital as an evening one.

Setting yourself boundaries and expectations for when you wake up can help kickstart your motivation for your day.

Aim to get up an hour before you have to start the day and enjoy this extra time. Whether it be with a cup of coffee, yoga, exercise, or an episode of your favourite Netflix show that you are currently binging, use this time for you. Setting aside this hour in the morning can level your headspace allowing you to put your best foot forward for the rest of the day.

This leads me to my next tip…

motivated morning tips


Tip 2 – Set an alarm

I know we all hate the incessant ringing of an alarm in the morning, jarring us into the day, but this really helps you stick with that first tip – a routine. Regulating your sleep schedule and getting up each day around the same time brings the consistency needed for motivation!

I recommend changing the sound of your alarm, change it from that default iPhone noise. You know the one? The one that occasionally goes off as a stranger’s ringtone, the mere sound of it ruining your mood.

Swap it for your favourite song or something that doesn’t make your teeth grind and enjoy the time before the world expects you to function. Wake up to a playlist you love before your deadlines creep out of the woodwork.

Tip 3 – Start the morning without your phone

Now this is easier said than done and, I must admit, I still struggle. However, once that alarm goes off leave your phone on do not disturb and try and spend an hour without it.

Leaving your phone in a draw while you enjoy that first cup of coffee in the morning will allow you to focus better on your work when it comes.

Being sucked into social media, scrolling endlessly, eats up your time in the morning. That time is for you and you alone! Losing an hour to scrolling can impact upon your mood and, as a result, your day.

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Tip 4 – Check your plans for the day

Okay, so now we’ve had some time to enjoy the morning, it’s almost time to get up. My next step is always to check on my plans for the day ahead.

Checking over your daily tasks whether it be university work, a coffee with a friend, the gym, or the pub, can help you feel prepared for the day. This preparation and self-confidence will help motivate you to get all those tasks done!


morning motivated tips


Tip 5 – Get up and get ready!

Getting yourself up really changes your mood and gives you that extra boost on these grey, winter mornings. In the hour without your phone, enjoy some self-care. Use a facemask, grab a hot shower, and get dressed. Try and avoid working all day in your pajamas, as much as its comfortable and tempting I find I will just crawl back into bed!

Remember, you set the standard for your day. Believe you can be motivated, happy, and productive and make it happen. Don’t let a pandemic stop you from doing the best you can each day.

Finally, be the best version of yourself. Don’t worry what that looks like for friends or housemates. Comparing yourself to others is the biggest risk to self-motivation. Just think: what does motivation look like for you and how do you become motivated?


Written by Eleanor Wadley