Have you reached burnout? Here’s how to prevent it!

So you feeling like you have burnout. Well, more specifically, you may have work burnout, or job burnout. With an underlying stress and anxiety? Well, I’ve been there. And so have 1000s of people. So don’t think for one second you’re on your own, or that you feel that you’re going through something that no one else has. As I started to develop my own company. Back in 2017. I noticed, I was working more than I ever had before. I noticed the days was so long and the achievements didn’t seem to be that high. But as time went on, The company grew. I was landing clients.

I was feeling motivated to the point where, that’s all I wanted to do and I worked endlessly and with hard work, comes great reward. If you’re working on something you enjoy the time flies away. But as the years went on. The company was still growing and I was still working a lot. This created a problem, a problem that I was close to not solving. I nearly suffered quite badly from work burnout.

You’re probably saying, well, you only had a company for three years so far. How can you already have burn out? In my opinion everybody is different and we all go through life differently. burnout doesn’t have to just be in a timeframe of 10 years, five years or even one year. We can burn out at our own rate. This can all affect us differently. So how did I feel like I knew I was going to burn out. Well, it started on the third year of the company.

I was growing it, and quite a great rate. We were working with clients in so many different sectors and now I look back at it. It was quite an achievement. The problem was, it didn’t feel like it was. This was the first noticeable effect that I was having work burn out. Where I felt like the work I was doing, the achievements. I were completing. Didn’t matter. And this was the first stage of work but when I noticed this. I started to assess the environment around me. I noticed that things started to change. I also assessed. Were there any other symptoms of work burnout. There was starting to affect me and my mindset and there were. I also noticed that I started to drag myself to work.

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Now, the work that I was doing didn’t change. I was still working incredibly hard, and I was still creating amazing results for clients, and the company was still growing. But my mindset had changed because I used to get up every day, at around 630am. My body clock would just wake up and I would be ready for the day. I even started saying to myself. Every morning when I woke up. ‘It’s a brand new day’. But then something changed. I started realising that I was waking up at eight at 830am and I didn’t feel like going to work. This was a noticeable change in my work set in my mindset in my motivation. This naturally affected a range of other factors.

I found it hard to concentrate. I found my energy was lacking. I felt that my sleeping patterns and entirely changed. I felt that I was starting to look forward to the weekend and that’s something I’d never had where I was so looking forward to Friday. At this point, I knew that I was very close to burning out. Now, I’d like to reiterate that I didn’t. I didn’t because I took control at the last minute. I took control to change my mindset. I wanted to create a better environment for me and if I could do that. I could overcome the burnout.

Write down your goals

There it was right there on the tip of my tongue. So much that I could taste it. So how did I overcome this. How did I overcome a burnout and how did I make sure that I didn’t get close to that point again. Well, there are a range of things I tried. For example, one of the big things I noticed that I’d stopped doing was writing my goals. I had this goal in mind for so long to build a company, but I’d never actually written down the goals I wanted for the future. So, I stopped for a second and I set new goal and these goals was some of them were even in the week, two weeks, a month, some were five years, but I evaluated. What I wanted to achieve.

Talk to people around you

The second thing. I started doing was talking to people. We sometimes feel that we are the only people going through some of these issues and maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I feel like I have to fight these battles on my ow and that’s just not true. There are so many amazing people around us that are going through some of these issues and it’s important to talk to them. Understand, and get it off your chest, talk to the people around you, and seek that support. What I’m meaning is just asking people, and telling people. What’s going on with you. I think that makes all the difference. Because you’re getting it off your chest, and you’re telling someone. What’s really worrying you.

Relax your mind

The third thing I started looking at a lot more was actually trying to relax. I know that can be so hard sometimes. But when we think about the lives we live. We are constantly moving so fast, so quickly that we never really have time to stop by the time we get home from work. You eat you watch TV you get into bed or for some people. You barely stop at all. And by the time you get into bed, those worries that you started thinking about have festered and grow.

Understanding your sleep pattern and productivity

So I ask and request you to relax and by that I mean, Turn off the phone. Read a book, talk to the people around you. Don’t always turn to excessive eating, drinking, or binge watching. Actually, relax, and try and get rid of all those things that have worried you for the day.

Exercise and stretch

But if you’d like something even further than that, try things as yoga meditation or even Tai Chi, all these elements can help really relax the body. Now, on the opposite level, get some exercise. It made all the difference when I started exercising again. I noticed for a long time when building the company that I barely exercised. It didn’t exercise because I was working and I would make excuses that I didn’t need any exercise. But it’s so important to actually exercise. Even if it’s just 20 to 30 minutes a day. Stop what you’re doing and get some exercise, it helps the blood flow keeps you relaxed. You know, all of these things together makes such a difference.

A good nights sleep makes all the difference

Now, I think these two things kind of go hand in hand the next ones. But, get some sleep. It makes such a difference a good night’s sleep and I understand that It can be hard with everything going on around you, your job the stresses. It can build. It can build so quickly, but sleep makes all the difference. You know I meet people all the time that say to me, Well, James I’ve just started a business. And I’ve heard that we should only have four hours sleep or three hours sleep or even six hours sleep, depending on the person you are, depends on the time, you need to sleep. We all need to sleep and we’re not all superhuman. Sometimes, I need six hours, and I’m up and ready to go. Sometimes I need eight. But sleep makes all the difference. relaxes your body and gets it back to where it should be. It restores that help.

Mindfulness practices

Then, lastly, one of the big things I started actually trying to do a lot of was mindfulness and I suppose it’s been quite a popular term over the last year with more and more people looking into this. But, I started trying to actually control my breathing. I started trying to be intensely aware of what I was actually feeling, and what was going on around me. This helped me get to the root cause of some of the issues that were really worrying me, and bothering me and it made such a difference. Now, these have been my exercises that advice is to make sure that you don’t burn out. But it’s not the same for everyone and different things will affect different people.

I think one of the most important things out of all of this is to talk to someone. I always feel that that is one of the strongest things to do, because that allows you to talk to someone that may have gone through the same thing as you. Now, if you feel that there isn’t that sort of person around you, my social media is always open. And I’m always happy to have a chat. Let’s make sure you don’t go through a burnout together. Let’s make sure that you stay on the right track. And I can help you with that.