Is your workplace designed around health?

There has recently been a huge increase in awareness regarding the importance of mental health in the workplace. Successful brands are leading the way by taking action to support the wellbeing of their employees and offering well designed workplace as an employee benefit.

Gemma Bennett, Director of Design Bank Studios said “When I started working 20 years ago, it was in a poorly designed office with an archaic culture of confining people to the same space all day with uncomfortable furniture. I promised myself that I would make a difference in the future.”


The traditional 9-5 working pattern with rows and rows of desks in a dull grey environment is changing. Many techniques are being used to improve workplaces. Gemma uses biophilic design principles. Biophilia, meaning “love of nature”, focuses on the human attraction to nature and natural processes. Employees surrounded by natural elements are healthier and happier.


The most desirable interior design features include natural lighting, indoor plants, quiet working spaces and bright colours and patterns. These design elements assist us with mental recovery and provide respite from our day-to-day activities to maintain positive wellbeing.


Studies have revealed the physical design of offices has a direct impact on our mental health, wellbeing and productivity levels. That is why more companies are now recognising the importance of well designed workplaces. Health and wellbeing is increasingly becoming a high priority for businesses to ensure they are doing all they can for employees.


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