James Vincent Marketing Consultant

Are you looking for a digital marketing consultant near you? Let me tell you why you need one. Sometimes its good to hire a an external marketing individual to see things from a different unbiased perspective. Let me introduce myself, my name is James Vincent and I’m a digital marketing specialist.

I can help you or your business in a variety of ways, I can help you analyse your competitors by creating in-depth reports diving into your social media, website or market evaluation. I analyse your SEO ranking to see what opportunities you have and where we can improve your business.


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Behind me is my highly valued team who will then assist in SEO, smart content strategies and execution plans to drive your competitors off the market and push your awareness online to the top while improving overall brand awareness and business growth.

There is no silver bullet to digital marketing just hard work and strategic thinking, so expect honest, solid research, looking into your business from a different digital perspective.

There are naturally a lot of marketing people out there, from local agencies, freelancers and more but with my background experience and the team around me we will make real change in your business at affordable rates.


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We take our marketing very seriously, we also invest heavily into our own marketing and created our own PR channels to prove there is method in what we do. We figure out what is the best approach, create a plan and execute that to an incredibly high standard.

One of the most important things in developing your marketing is a strategy, we have huge experience creating content and marketing strategies for a range of industries from construction, home interior, fashion and so much more.

If you are interested in knowing more about how I can benefit your business and support you then get in contact today and I will be happy to have a chat. In the meantime, follow me on social media and see the latest things I am up to today. In the meantime, head over to Hot Source and see some of our latest work.