Social Media Trends for 2021

It’s that time of the year again when we review and try to predict the social media trends for 2021. Every January, we perform this exciting task, but this year is different.

The year that has just ended will remain for a very long time in our memory for numerous reasons that connected people worldwide, with the pandemic being only one of them. Every industry has experienced an evolutionary turning point, and social media has witnessed some of the most obvious changes.

Today, we look at how social media will look like in 2021 following the historical 2020 events. Below are the four most probable trends for social media in the year ahead!

1.    Brands will favour “thoughtful” content

The past year has seen a global pandemic killing almost 2 million people worldwide and mass protests nearly everywhere on the planet. With so much pain and suffering linking people from all races, genders, ethnicities, and creeds, most brands have refrained from posting much happy-go-lucky content as they did in previous years.

The trend was toward posting more emphatic, thoughtful content that would help users get a break from current events when browsing social media. This trend is very likely to continue for most of 2021. Most brands do not want to seem insensitive or above the problems that the common folk experience.

social media trends

2.    Consumers’ attention span keeps shrinking

Some of the biggest social media sensations of 2020 were TikTok and Instagram Reels. Both innovations promoted short, but highly-interactive content. Both platforms provided a myriad of user-generated, short posts so that people stuck at home would not get bored and stay on the apps for hours.

The trend of posting short, entertaining, but also easily forgotten clips, will continue throughout 2021 and beyond. With new lockdown restrictions valid until at least summer, we should see more and more people posting their homemade dancing, singing, and working out routines.

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3.    Video content remains king

The recent years have seen a distinct consumer preference for video content over photo/imagery and text-based content. The evolution of social media content is not surprising. More and more users can create their short clips in which they discuss topics, show dance moves, or play out pranks. Numerous user-generated clips could easily rank as short movies in independent cinema festivals.

As brands look to strengthen their partnerships with up-and-coming influencers, we should see a rise in user-generated clips on Instagram and TikTok confirming the reign of video content.

4.    Social Media becomes a mall

In the early 80s, shopping malls became very popular in the U.S. mainly because people would get to shop for a variety of goods in the same big facility. With the introduction of shops on Facebook and Instagram, in 2021, two of the most popular social media channels in the world will become similar to 20th-century malls.

Users will log into their apps and shop for everything from food delivery to clothes and cosmetics. If you add the video entertainment offer, which would double for the mall-based cinemas, you get the whole mall experience in the palm of your hand.