The Best Marketing Trends 2021

After a year in which the global markets have made a giant leap in digitalization, the world is eagerly awaiting to see the changes in branding and communication. Below are the best marketing trends in 2021 that businesses everywhere should strongly consider.

1.   The World Switches to Work from Home

What started as a solution to continue working under lockdown restrictions in the pandemic-ridden 2020 will most likely become the only operating way by businesses worldwide.

Already last year, nearly 88% of business organizations worldwide asked their employees to work from home, according to this Gartner survey.

Remote working helps employees spend more time at home with the family in an intimate environment. It also helps companies save money on renting office spaces, parking spots, and subsidized commuting.

The people who work from home now constitute a new consumer market. They are the ones most likely to order food and grocery delivery at home or to invest in noise-canceling headphones and other gadgets that make working remotely easier.

Marketers see a goldmine in this new customer segment, and most marketing campaigns will feature targeted messages along the lines of “since you can’t leave home to get this product, why not order it online?”

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2.    The Music Festivals Return, but Mostly Online

The global live music industry saw a 75% decline in 2020, according to Goldman Sachs. This spectacular downfall is not surprising, considering that most music festivals, concerts, and live events were cancelled for most of the past year.

The year that just started doesn’t sound too promising for the live music industry either. While some festivals may return in summer when the number of Covid-19 restrictions should drop, not too many people are eager to get elbow-to-elbow with a sea of people in cramped stadiums.

The 2021 marketing trend that might help the music industry save a bit of money should be the rise of hybrid events. This form of online streaming music concerts where the audience at home is significantly higher than the one at the venue has become popular in the past few months. Many artists are looking into filling as many couches as possible as opposed to open-air arenas.

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3.   Micro and Nano Influencers Take the Lead

The use of social media reached its pinnacle in 2020, with more than 3.6 billion people worldwide having at least one profile on a social network.

Social media is a means of communication and entertainment, but it is a marketing venue for brands more than anything. The past year has seen most businesses in the world losing money by the second. As a result, funding for marketing campaigns has also diminished.

Fortunately, the saviour might come from the rise of Micro and Nano influencers (<25,000 followers). These users have a high engagement rate and have low remuneration demands from brands that use them for advertising purposes. In 2021, we may see plenty of small Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok accounts raking in the money without eve